Diana and John Vitarelli

Diana and John Vitarelli

Diana and John Vitarelli co-own and operate Dhyana Yoga studios in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Diana was born in Chester, PA and John in Camden, NJ, so they share not only an Italian heritage but also a hard working approach to life. They were married on Guru Purnima in July of 2010 and welcomed their sweet daughter, Raine, into the world in April 2012. They love Yoga, travel, their dogs, hanging out together, teaching, singing along with the harmonium, and the indescribable feeling of collapsing into Savasana after a great practice! John teaches Vinyasa in the Ashtanga style and Ashtanga Mysore practice, and Diana (aka "Dhyana") leans more into Kundalini and Meditation practices. Their overall motto is, as the Italians say, “Tutto fa brodo!” or, “Everything makes Broth!” This resonates for John, who is also a trained chef, and reminds them both that life, family, friends, study, asana, business, relationsh ips, food, travel, absolutely everything goes into the quantum soup of life and when it all boils down… Va Bene! It’s good!

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